When it comes to productivity, there’s a lot to cover and a lot to learn, but the one thing that I’m sure about, as modern professionals, the essential skill that we need is knowing how to work efficiently. Since I realise the importance of that, I have been rigorously studying productivity, and I’ve already consumed hours of content about it.

One thing I’ve noticed, the general assumption of people is that the more you spend hours on tasks, the more you become productive. However, it is not the case almost any time; this is nonsense, a complete misunderstanding. In essence, productivity is a way of facilitating things and bringing balance to your life, not hectic schedules or long hours of working.

On the bright side, there is an intense knowledge accumulation about productivity; and literally, there are thousands methods and concepts to be more productive. Many people prefer prevalent things like checklists, calendars, or some cool apps like Todoist, Evernote, and yet they read books like Getting Things Done. In the meantime, I have a question like everyone, which one is the best?

Wishfully, I think I have found the answer, at least for myself. According to a study which I encounter recently that is linked here, and thanks to this article in HBR, timeboxing is one of the far most efficient methods when it comes to getting things done. Interesting, right?

In gist, timeboxing is a time management technique where you allocate a fixed period to a planned activity. You work on the action during the specified time and stop working on it once the time is up – then, you assess whether you’ve reached your planned goals.

The defitinition of timeboxing, Cloclify

Here are some other insightful findings from the study:

  • The top three methods are timeboxing, prioritising and saying no!
  • Setting deadlines, which is a trendy habit amongst productivity enthusiasts, is at position 93.
  • The top 10 could be summarised into three actionable advice; manage your time, don’t get distracted and be aware of your wellbeing.

Time-boxing is the most efficient one because it’s visual and intuitive, and it’s a real antidote for Parkinson’s Law. In addition to these, it doesn’t allow you to get distracted. I have been trying timeboxing for last couple days, and maybe it is early to say that, but it doubled my productivity, even I have started to write this blog.

If you get tired of the overwhelming feeling of procrastination, give it a try for timeboxing and start getting things done with doubled productivity!