The Luck Factor

Making money or creating wealth is not about pure luck; it is about creating luck with efforts, gaining a specific mindset. If you gain this mindset and then you’ll able to create your own luck in any circumstances. Thus, develop both the skillset and the mindset that you need.

Luck can be categorized into four:

  1. Blind luck, fate
  2. Luck from hustling, hard work, diligence
  3. Luck from preparation, having an extreme specialization at one specific topic and being able to see opportunities in that field.
  4. Luck from your unique character, luck comes to you because you’re extremely good at something, or you have a unique mindset or brand.

Everyone can have skillset and mindset if they have the prerequisites, like being able to listen and being healthy.

Neither wealth nor these skillsets can be created at one big jump. It takes time. There will also be some hinders on the road; everything is possible in life, so you should be patient. Wealth pile up itself like water drops, little by little for long years. Of course, there are exceptions, but wealth creation mostly happens like that.

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