Taking care of the mind

Taking care of the mind is essential for uncovering self-divinity, so committing yourself to the sharpening mind is an obligation for moving forward as a human being. The more you put effort into your mind, the more you become unique. This uniqueness does not bring you happiness, but it does bring peace, which is one of the most valuable assets of a healthy mind. If you accomplish that, you will be at home anywhere in the world.

One way of doing it is by studying one philosopher’s ideas by dedicating a prominent time for understanding and plumbing greater levels of his or her ideas to gain deeper insights. Put your energy to do it, but don’t forget to see things as it is.

A wise person differentiates himself from fervent aficionados of satisfaction by stop trying to pursue worldly pleasures like fame and fortune. Yet, this stoic principle does not mean that you need to abstract yourself from society and dedicate your entire time for seeking wisdom by reading books or meditating in a quiet place. Creating wisdom is actually about forming a balance between pleasure and pain within the mind. This notion is key to living a good life and real virtue of stoic philosophy; true wisdom comes from living a life according to nature.

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